Via the local tourist services it is possible:

To visit:
- the city-centre by Catalan train;
- the museum of sacred-art;
- the bell-tower of S. Maria;
- Neptune’s caves in Capo Caccia;
- the ancient necropolis of Angelo Ruju;
- the nuraghe of Palmavera;
- the Porto Conte park;
- the marine reserve of Capo Caccia-isola Piana.

Things to do:

- excursions: hill-walking, cycling, horse riding;
- diving, boat trips, snorkelling;
- yacht charter and sailing school;
- Shiatsu treatment;
- basic keep fit and stretching.

For hire:
- cars, bicycles, scooters and motorbikes

Available by pre-booking:
- sun shades and deck-chairs

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